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VJX16-4 : A Giant Step in Video Mixing

VJX16-4A Giant Step in Video Mixing

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vj device

1. Knobs:

These 4 faders allow you to increase or decrease the level of transparency on the video track.

2. Solo and Mute Buttons:

These buttons activate or de-activate one or several video tracks.

3. Select Button:

This button allows you to select one video track and apply effects to it.

4. 4*4 Matrix:

These 16 multifunction buttons allow you either to modify the order of your video layers or select video inputs or presets.

5. Blend Knobs:

These 4 potentiometers allow you to choose the blend mode of any layer: Darken, Lighten, XOR...

6. Gain Knobs:

These 4 potentiometers allow you to adjust the gain of each of your 4 tracks.

7. OUT 1, OUT2 and OUT3 Buttons:

These 3 buttons control the configuration of 3 outputs: OUT1, OUT2 and OUT3.

8. Input Button:

This button allows you to select which input you wish to use.

9. Reset Button:

This button allows you to reset certain functions of the table.

10. Transition Section:

This section allows you to make transition effects, eg wipes which you can control manually or automatically.

11. Color Section:

This section allows to control all color effects (Balance RGB, BCS,...).

12. Effects Section:

This section enables you to configure all the geometric effects (Mirror, Scroll,...).

13. Keyer Section:

This section controls the video keyer functions of the table.

14. Audio Section:

These buttons configure the BPM and audio extraction to automate certain video effects.

15. and 16. Shared Controls:

These 4 controls and trackball are multipurpose. Use them to configure and control effects.

17. JOG:

This dial allows you to navigate the menu options which are visualized on the LCD screen.

18. Preset Button:

This button saves your presets.

19. Menu Button:

This button allows you to access the parameters and general configuration of the deck.

20. LCD Screen:

This alpha numeric screen displays contextual information and menu options.

vj device

1. Power Supply:

The power supply is 5 Volts - 3 Amperes. Use ONLY the adapter provided with the VJX16-4

2. Power Switch:

ON/OFF switch.

3. Upgrade Selector:

The selector allows you to make software updates.

4. PAL / NTSC Selector:

Select the PAL / NTSC standard.


A MIDI IN input and MIDI OUT output.

6. 6 analog video outputs:

6 video outputs (3 independent outputs split for CVBS and S-Video). This will allow you to connect 6 screens simultaneously.

7. USB Connector:

This USB connector enables you to connect a computer to the VJX16-4 and update the software.

8. Audio Input/Output:

A stereo audio input (Audio IN). A stereo audio outputs (Audio OUT)

9. 16 analog video inputs:

You can connect up to 16 video sources (8 S-Video, 8 RCA) simultaneously. For example: camcorders, cameras, DVD recorders, photo apparatus, computers

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