Видео маппинг, видео перформансы

Pure Data, Syphon and OSC

Pure Data is a real-time graphical programming environment for audio, video, and graphical processing.
Here is a some small examples of what you can do with Millumin and Pure Data ...


Part 1 : Pure Data and OSC to Millumin

  1. First, download and install the Pure Data application (the extended version).
  2. Launch Millumin check that the OSC configuration is the following :
  3. Then download and open this Pure Data patch : OnlyOSC.pd.
    You get this :

    Pure Data works with boxes that have input and output.
    You connect input to output and you have something.
    It's simple and very different than coding.
  4. Now, click on [connect 5000] to connect the patch with Millumin.
  5. Play with the yellow slider : it changes the layer's opacity in Millumin.
    Play with the opacity in Millumin : it changes the yellow slider in Pure Data.
  6. The magic lies into the [udpsend] and [udpreceive] boxes.

    Right-click on the box and choose 'Help' to know more.

Part 2 : Pure Data output to Millumin via Syphon

  1. First, download the Syphon Server for Pure Data.

    Then open the "Package Contents" of the Pure Data application :

    Go to the plugins folder :

    And copy the downloaded files into this folder :
  2. Now, you can download and open this Pure Data patch : OnlySyphon.pd.
    You get this :
  3. Now, click on [START] to start the Syphon server.

    You get this :
  4. Switch back to Millumin and create a Syphon layer :

  5. Yeah : you get Pure Data output in Millumin !

Part 3 : Going futher

  1. Ok, download and open this Pure Data patch :
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