Видео маппинг, видео перформансы

Projection mapping Audiovisual Performance

LASER + PROJECTION MAPPING Audiovisual Performance 'SALTATION 'It is a new type of content using Projection mapping and Laser Mapping. Projection Mapping using 30,000 ANSI laser projector interprets the characteristics of the exterior walls and projects the image to add the beauty of the dot, line, and surface into the space. High-powered laser devices of 20 W or more expand the planar screen to the stereoscopic space. This content expresses the visual effects as a synesthetic experience and represents the keywords - technology, art, future, culture, experiment, and advancement, etc- metaphorically by using dot, line, surface, and light. To this end, video, laser, and music are linked together and interact organically to suggest a new direction for the audio-visual performance.

"ATOGO" Sharjah Light Festival 2016

For 2016 Sharjah Light Festival, Nomada, les arts Nomades Cie. invited us to be part of the video mapping category at the Al Qasba building.For this occasion we created ATOGO, which is an acronym of the 5 senses in latin. The piece is about exploring the senses thought the journey of a local traveler across his senses.All in Black and White, mixing real footage with abstract and minimalist animation the projected mapping generated an immersive experience enclosing the viewers in a magical world of lights and sounds.

360° 3D Mapping Projection with Rabarama

On the 10th of June 2011, an exciting new merge between technology and art was unveiled in Florence at the ANTIconforme exhibition. Using state of the art 3D...

Taiga - interior projection mapping

Inetrior projection mapping for music video.@Taiga Space, Saint-Petersburg, RussiaMusic: Pony Rush - A Little Bit http://www.ponyrush.com/Concept by Alexander Letcius & Leo Krechmer3d&2d animation, projection mapping by Alexander Letcius.
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