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How To Prepare For a Live VJ Show Using Resolume VJing Software - OrnaMental's Tutorial

In this tutorial I'm using clips from the VJ Loops Pack: OrnaMental, showing you:(00:45) How to compose an appealing composition (03:50) How to make some loops audio reactive (04:50) How to create clip variations (12:15) What affects can give us even more variations and different looks.Subscribe to be updated when I release new Tutorials! Ask questions / leave Comments below.Tutorial Links:Download the Drop Shadow effect for Windows / Mac on STVinMotion website: www.bit.ly/OrnaMentalTutFind your colors with Adobe Color: www.color.adobe.comGet the complete OrnaMental VJ Loops Pack here: www.bit.ly/OrnaMentalVJpackDId you learn anything new? Share this tutorial with your VJ friend and help pushing the VJ scene forward!

The Radial Cloner Tutorial - How To Create a Visual Diversity in Resolume VJing Software

In this Radial Cloner Tutorial you’ll learn how to clone elements and turn them into intricate & beautiful new looks on Resolume VJ software v.6(03:09) Overview on the basic and advanced parameters.(13:31) How to clone element loops into interesting Radial Cloner looks.(30:38) How to layer & compose these cloner looks into appealing compositions that can be triggered in one click.(33:23) How to arrange these compositions on the deck so, while performing, you could trigger a whole composition or jam between the different clips/layers.Tutorial Links:Download 2 free loops (incl. 4 Elements) of the Steampunk Vision II pack – on our Free Sample Loops Page stvinmotion.com/free.Listen to our favorite Live DJ Feed Boris Brejcha’s set: vimeo.com/300083326Download the Free Deck on the Tutorial page: stvinmotion.com/radial-cloner-vj-tutorial-resolume/ (You’ll need to link the Free Loops to this deck on Resolume).Purchase the complete Steampunk Vision II VJ pack – incl. a ready to perform Resolume deck. stvinmotion.com/shop/steampunk-vision-2/Amaze them Crowds!

Vectorius Tutorial - How To Perform a Live Visual Show Using Resolume VJ Software

In this tutorial we'll cover:(00:45) How to compose an appealing composition. (03:45)How to create audio-reactive Accents.(06:40) How to create clip variations using the Radial Cloner plugin. (10:15) How to create clip variations using the Horizontal Cloner plugin. (13:00) How to add further control over the clip's transform properties using the FrParameters plugin.(14:20) How to easily apply stacked effects to any clip. (17:20) How to tweak colors and add a glow effect.Links:Download the Radial Cloner & Horizontal Cloner FFGL Plugins for:Windows: bit.ly/ClonersWindows or Mac: bit.ly/ClonersMacOS. Thanks to Hive8 website: hive8.comDownload the FrParameters FFGL Plugin for: Windows: bit.ly/FrpWindows or Mac: bit.ly/FrpMacOS Thanks to 1210visuals website: 1210visuals.netFree Download: 2 sample loops out of the Vectorius pack on our Free Loops collection: stvinmotion.com/freeYou can purchase the complete, 25 Loops, Vectorius pack Here: stvinmotion.com/shop/vectorius

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