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"ATOGO" Sharjah Light Festival 2016

For 2016 Sharjah Light Festival, Nomada, les arts Nomades Cie. invited us to be part of the video mapping category at the Al Qasba building.For this occasion we created ATOGO, which is an acronym of the 5 senses in latin. The piece is about exploring the senses thought the journey of a local traveler across his senses.All in Black and White, mixing real footage with abstract and minimalist animation the projected mapping generated an immersive experience enclosing the viewers in a magical world of lights and sounds.

How To Prepare For a Live VJ Show Using Resolume VJing Software - OrnaMental's Tutorial

In this tutorial I'm using clips from the VJ Loops Pack: OrnaMental, showing you:(00:45) How to compose an appealing composition (03:50) How to make some loops audio reactive (04:50) How to create clip variations (12:15) What affects can give us even more variations and different looks.Subscribe to be updated when I release new Tutorials! Ask questions / leave Comments below.Tutorial Links:Download the Drop Shadow effect for Windows / Mac on STVinMotion website: www.bit.ly/OrnaMentalTutFind your colors with Adobe Color: www.color.adobe.comGet the complete OrnaMental VJ Loops Pack here: www.bit.ly/OrnaMentalVJpackDId you learn anything new? Share this tutorial with your VJ friend and help pushing the VJ scene forward!

Vectorius Tutorial - How To Perform a Live Visual Show Using Resolume VJ Software

In this tutorial we'll cover:(00:45) How to compose an appealing composition. (03:45)How to create audio-reactive Accents.(06:40) How to create clip variations using the Radial Cloner plugin. (10:15) How to create clip variations using the Horizontal Cloner plugin. (13:00) How to add further control over the clip's transform properties using the FrParameters plugin.(14:20) How to easily apply stacked effects to any clip. (17:20) How to tweak colors and add a glow effect.Links:Download the Radial Cloner & Horizontal Cloner FFGL Plugins for:Windows: bit.ly/ClonersWindows or Mac: bit.ly/ClonersMacOS. Thanks to Hive8 website: hive8.comDownload the FrParameters FFGL Plugin for: Windows: bit.ly/FrpWindows or Mac: bit.ly/FrpMacOS Thanks to 1210visuals website: 1210visuals.netFree Download: 2 sample loops out of the Vectorius pack on our Free Loops collection: stvinmotion.com/freeYou can purchase the complete, 25 Loops, Vectorius pack Here: stvinmotion.com/shop/vectorius

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