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Fluid Structure at Google I/O 2017

Fluid Structure is an immersive interactive installation which explores how an ephemeral and amorphous shape reacts under various stimuli, internal and external. Forces and collisions bend the shape until it breaks, recombining it into new aggregates. The result is an ever changing landscape, mysterious yet familiar. A dramatic data-like visualization emphasizes the internal structure of the shape and its motion. Using computer vision the audience is made an integral part of the process, leaving its temporary physical mark, always bound to eventually to disappear. The system is driven by a state of the art fluid solver able to process in real time the forces and constraints the shape is subjected to.It was premiered at the Museum of Developer Art, curated by Alex Czetwertynski, at Google I/O 2017Special thanks to Natalie Anahita Stone, Lauren Jisoo Kim and Melinda Marie at Google, and Miles Macklin and the NVIDIA FleX solver team for the support and optimizations.Developed with TouchDesignerVideo Montage music : Scientific Dreamz Of U

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