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Control Millumin with TouchOSC


TouchOSC is a mobile app for iOS and Android.
It allows you to control Millumin without being in front of your computer :)
In this tutorial, I'm using an iPhone, but it's working with an iPad (or an Android but you need to modify your system file).

  1. First, be sure your computer and your iPhone are on the same Wifi network.
    If you don't have one around you, create it from your computer.
  2. Install TouchOSC on your iPhone.
  3. Download TouchMillumin : this is a special layout for TouchOSC.
  4. Copy this layout on your iPhone : the easiest way is to use iTunes.
  5. Then, choose this layout in TouchOSC.
  6. Now launch Millumin, and open the Device window.
    From the menubar, choose "Devices" then "Setup OSC ..."
  7. Be sure "Send OSC messages" and "Listen OSC messages" are enabled.
  8. Go to TouchOSC's connection and copy the "current IP" of Millumin.
    Be sure the port are right.

  9. Copy the TouchOSC's "local IP address" into Millumin's "to Machine" field.
  10. OK, try to change the opacity in Millumin or in TouchOSC :
    the 2 applications are now connected !

    You can also use the layout for mapping.

    Or the layout for iPad.

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