Видео маппинг, видео перформансы

flow 1 | kinect projection dance


interactive dance media by princemio
This choreography is about the duett of dance and interactive media.
My ispiration is to investigate different possibilities to melt organic hiphop dance with projected light -- searching for new shapes, transisition, identities and meanings. It is a portray of urban artists giving a computer the acces to their very private natural flow.

The flow series contains a number of choreographic and interactive media productions, searching for different digital illustrations of dancing bodies. Beeing a dancer i was always interested in the nature of continous harmonic movements. As an engineer i am fascinated in algorithmic solutions to illustrate this natural flow.
However the combination of dance methods and digital media can not breathe as we simply add one to the other. Instead i am interested to choreograph a hybrid of its own identity. An identity which disables the possibility to extract the dancer from the machine and vice versa. Forms created sponatiously by both, morphing into each other going somewhere else -- becoming one organic shape moving in time.



Code Libraries and contributions:
ofxOpenNI -- created by gameoverhack -- openNi wrapper to read captrued data from the kinect camera in realtime.
ofxCV -- created by Kyle McDonald -- fast openCV wrapper.
ofxFluidSolver -- created by Memo Atken. After Years, it is still one of my favourite calculation models to illustrate continous flow of a dancer and graphics.
ofxUI -- created by rezaali -- having worked a lot in processing, i completly fell in love with this GUI library as it speeds up my tweaking processes. Its easy to use and fast to bind to variables.

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