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Projection Mapper advanced features tutorial

Learn how to use the advanced features of Optoma's Projection Mapper app. In this tutorial we cover the following:

Point snapping - Toggle on or off to easily align points of one shape to the points of another shape

Position lock - Lock a shape into position by toggling the lock button on

Colour adjustment - Change the hue and shade of your content by using the colour wheel

Black transparency - Remove the darkest parts of your content by using the 'Black transparency' slider

Transparency - Use the slider to effect the overall transparency of your content

Tap function - Choose an alternate material to be displayed when tapping individual shapes in performance mode

Recording - Record the tap function in performance mode

Playback - Playback the recorded scene in performance mode

Beat detection - Reveal an alternate material at a chosen audio frequency taken from your device's microphone. i.e music or clapping

Screen mask - Project the image over the entire scene, using shapes to reveal part of the whole image
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